Lending with care

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Making a difference to people's lives

Adopted by world leaders in September 2015 and implemented at the start of 2016, more than 150 countries have pledged to mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities, and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.

As a business, we strongly believe in not only having a strategy to build a fantastic company, but at the same time contributing to create a better world.

We have previously supported many different charities, but this year we have decided to focus our efforts on one particular global goal – number 8 – Good Jobs and Economic Growth.

This is a goal which we work towards in our day to day given the nature of our business but our charity work will take this one step further. Our aim is to help people in developing countries to create a sustainable business that will not only provide them, and others with employment, but have a significant impact on the local community.

We have therefore chosen to work with Lendwithcare, a fantastic charity run by Care International. This charity allows individuals or businesses to provide a loan, of any amount to entrepreneurs in developing countries.


How does Lendwithcare work?

Run by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way for helping people in the developing world transform their lives.

RightClick have chosen to work with this fantastic charity as it brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries and gives us the power to really make a difference.

It starts with an idea

Whether it’s opening a market stall, or perhaps a small tailoring business, or diversifying the crops they grow, people across the developing world are bursting with business ideas – all they need is a helping hand to get started.

The entrepreneur requests a loan

Entrepreneurs approach a local Microfinance Institution (MFI) that is a Lendwithcare partner and, if their ideas show promise, they get the go-ahead for the loan they need to get their business going.

RightClick lend to an entrepreneur

The MFI uploads the entrepreneur’s profile to Lendwithcare. RightClick can then choose which business idea we would like to give our support to.

The entrepreneur’s business grows

Entrepreneur profiles are updated so we can see how their business is transforming their lives. We can share this information with our candidates and clients to see how they are directly contributing to this by working with RightClick – we donate a proportion of all placement fees to charity.

The loan is repaid

The entrepreneur pays back their loan in installments to the MFI, which transfers these repayments to CARE International. RightClick can then re invest this payment to another business idea…and so it continues.