The Dos and Don’ts of call centre recruitment

Recruitment Grapevine published an article on the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of recruitment and we are very happy to report that we adhere to all of these suggestions and ‘do’ much more than this. Here is a quick summary of the article, with an overview of how RightClick deliver an outstanding recruitment service.

Do your research
Familiarise yourself with a candidate’s skills and expertise to the point where you can genuinely engage with them over the phone. Be careful contacting a candidate if you have nothing to offer, you need to provide real value in the form of real opportunities.

Before calling any candidates we make sure we understand their experience and skills and identify points for further questioning. We are not in the business of putting square pegs into round holes and we will only speak to candidates that we can genuinely offer a suitable job to. During our conversations we don’t just scratch the surface, but dig deep to find out what really makes them tick and therefore determine their suitability for a post.

Do provide an overview and sell the position
Clearly highlight the intricacies of the job position – walk the candidate through the individual aspects your client is looking for and make the company and the role itself sound desirable. This includes not just the basics of the specific role but also the values of the company and specific policies for training and flexible working – so investing time with the client to understand the culture, working environment and opportunities for future career growth is key.

We work in close partnership with our clients, visit their site and ensure that we know all of the nitty gritty from the salary and job spec to the perks and company culture. We know what the staff dress like, where they eat their lunch and if you can park your car on site or if you need to catch the number 42 bus.

Do be personal
If you can’t reach your candidate via the phone, leave them a pleasant, personalised message, highlighting your desire to talk to them. Follow up with a short email or text summarising the position, making sure you’re respecting the best times to get in touch with the candidate.

We don’t just pick up the phone and leave a message. We understand that whilst you are job hunting, you are likely to be in full time employment which makes answering calls during the working day a little bit tricky. So we use text, email and social media to interact with our candidates giving them the best possible chance to get in touch with us whilst not alerting their boss to their intentions to leave!

Do follow up
Where possible, always try to inform your candidates of the progress of their application. It’s your job to keep them up to date and in the loop regarding any changes. If you don’t, you risk leaving them disheartened and frustrated.

We don’t leave candidates hanging. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that people are informed of the outcome of their application or interview as soon as possible. We don’t make false promises and we always give constructive feedback. We want candidates to have an awesome job hunting experience and we think that our 5* reviews on Facebook back that up!