Geographic Exclusivity

Balancing the Quality : Quantity equation in Contact Centre agency recruitment.

Filling each induction with the right quantity of the right quality of staff for your contact centre is a constant challenge. In many cases, internal recruitment efforts need the support of an external agency to ensure numbers are hit. But in a market where competition is strong for contact centre level staff, how can you be sure that your agency is always sending you the best candidates?

The predicament contact centres find themselves in when recruiting is balancing the Quality : Quantity equation whilst maintaining a tight control on costs. Finding the right quantity of the right quality of candidates for each induction is a constant battle – made tougher by the need to stay within your recruitment budget. As a consequence, contact centres require highly competitive terms from their agencies, asking them to sacrifice margin for volume.

The predicament local agencies find themselves in is that they have numerous clients in the local area who compete for contact centre level staff. Many of these clients will have more generous terms in place with the agency as they only recruit intermittently and aren’t in a position to negotiate lower fees in return for higher volume. Balancing the need to keep multiple clients happy whilst maximising revenue gives local agencies very few options other than tinkering with the Quality : Quantity equation, sending their lower quality candidates to the lower paying clients.

These predicaments are clearly incompatible – contact centres rely on the support of agencies that are incentivised to send their best candidates everywhere else.

One solution to this predicament is for an agency to work with a contact centre on a geographically exclusive basis.

What does this mean?

Well, for an agency to be a genuine recruitment partner for a contact centre, they need to focus 100% of their efforts on balancing the Quality : Quantity equation for that contact centre. This focus can only be genuine if the agency guarantees not to recruit for any other business that competes for staff within the candidate catchment area of that contact centre. With Geographic Exclusivity in place, the agency then becomes a true recruitment partner – an extension of the internal team directing all of their effort into attracting and engaging the right candidates for their exclusive client.

Geographic Exclusivity works. Battle hardened by over 10 years as a specialist volume contact centre recruiter, RightClick now works with an increasing number of clients on a Geographic Exclusive basis. Exclusivity offers us the opportunity to build genuine partnerships with our clients and provides us with the framework to add real value.

We are sold on Geographic Exclusivity and it is at the heart of our expansion plans going forward. If Geographic Exclusivity makes sense to you then I’d love to have a chat. Alternatively you can LinkIn with me or message me for a copy of our case study – ‘Geographic Exclusivity In Action’.