Lendwithcare – Nguyen thi Thu, Vietnam

As mentioned in a previous blog, we are focusing our charity support on the #GlobalGoals and are partnering with a company called Lendwithcare to help us achieve this. We have just chosen and donated to the first of our entrepreneurs and we are really excited to see what a difference this will make and the journey that they will go on.

This is the first of four blogs that will tell you all about each of the entrepreneurs, their story and what they hope to achieve through the loans. We will keep each story updated with how they progress and what they have been able to achieve during the loan period.

So today, we will start with Nguyen thi Thu who is based in Vietnam…

Nguyen thi Thu, Bac Kan, Vietnam

“Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu is 29 years old and living with her husband in Huyen Tung commune of Bac Kan province. They have two children. Both their children attend primary school and their tuition fees are constantly rising the increased expenditure is keeping them worried every day. Mrs Thu is engaged in farming business to support her family financially. She grows vegetables in the garden and raise chickens for laying eggs. Having done farm works for many years, they think it is time to diversify their products to gain more profit. Mrs. Thu learned that consumption demand for livestock products has been going up continuously over the past few years, so she is determined to invest in raising pigs to get more income. She needs to borrow a loan to fulfill her plan.”

We have been able to fully fund Mrs Thu’s project and we can’t wait to see how she progresses over the next couple of years.