Lendwithcare – The Tikhalenawo Group

Just a little follow up from the last blog about our work with Lendwithcare. It’s really fantastic to see the immediate impact of the loans, with repayments coming in we can now start to think about where we want to reinvest the money. We hope to get an update soon from the charity as to how our entrepreneurs are getting on and the impact the loans have made on their lives, and the community around them.

In the meantime here is the profile of one of our Lendwithcare recipients – Patricia (The Tikhalenawo Group)

The Tikhalenawo group is comprised of 11 women. All of them are married except for 2, who are divorced. These women run various small businesses to support their families. They mainly run stalls selling fish, snacks, vegetables, groceries and clothes. They have requested this loan so they can buy more stock and boost their businesses.

One member of this group is Patricia. She is 34 years old and married with 4 children. Her husband works as a tailor, and she sells vegetables. She requires this loan to buy more vegetables to sell. She started her business so she could be financially independent. Currently one of her family members works in the business, which she has been running for 5 years. Her ambition is to grow the business and supply more vegetables to more customers.