Making a lasting impression

Most people have had some experience of working with a recruitment agency, as a job seeker or a client looking to fill a vacancy and I think that the service can vary immensely depending on who you speak to.

We could spend all day moaning about how frustrating it is to be in an industry which often has a bad reputation and bang on about ‘how we are different’ but we see little value in that. Instead we put our energy and focus into making every single client and candidate feel absolutely brilliant. We make sure that after they have put the phone down from RightClick, they feel positive and motivated about their job search.

RightClick was built many years ago on a candidate process that really works. Yes there is no getting away from the fact that we are business that generates income from successfully placing candidates but ‘getting a fee’ is never the main driver when having a conversation with a candidate. Getting them the right job is 100% our mission. Our consultants engage with candidates and first and foremost, listen to what they are looking for and what is driving their job hunt.

We don’t start a conversation with ‘I’ve got a really great job for you are you free for 5 minutes so I can tell you all about it?’. Our aim of an initial conversation with a candidate is to find out what they are really looking for in their next job, gain an understanding of their motivations and what will make them tick at work.

We build relationships with our candidates so that hopefully we aren’t just another recruitment agency that they spoke to and unlikely to remember when we call back. We want to make a lasting impression, even if they don’t find their perfect job with RightClick.