Personal Goals

We all need a little push in the right direction sometimes and here at RightClick we think that the office is not just a place for achieving our business targets but an environment that can facilitate achieving our personal gaols.

At the beginning of each quarter, we take some time to think about what we personally want to achieve over the next three months, it gets documented and we regularly review how each of us is getting on.

It sounds rather simple I know, but having made public with the team what I want to achieve, and with their encouragement it really does give me the push I need to get things done. I don’t like to let people down and like any work goal, I strive to achieve over and above what I set out to do so it really does work. And in the process we get to know a little bit more about each of the team and understand what is on their personal agenda outside of the wonderful world of recruitment!

So this quarter, my focus is all about exercise and getting myself in shape for wearing wedding dress in November. I recently took up running and have managed to nail the 0-5k but I really want to get to the 10k mark and take part in a race to raise some money for charity. And I’ve thrown in a couple of planks each day to help things along which are often executed mid afternoon in the office!

I’ll write another post later this month about what the rest of RightClick are up to and their progress…