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According to a study by Oxford Economics, the average cost of losing a member of staff in the UK is £30,614 – only 18% of which is directly attributable to the logistics of recruiting their replacement. The remaining £25,182 is hidden in the lost productivity that occurs whilst the position is vacant.

We work with our clients to eradicate these costs.



Our retention programmes use Talent Dynamics, a powerful business development pathway that provides our clients with an unparalleled understanding of the unique talent and contribution of each of their employees, resulting in significant enhancements in employee engagement, retention and productivity. This has been proven to significantly reduce the costs associated with employee attrition.


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  • “Over the last 2 years we have built a valuable partnership with RightClick. They understand me, they understand my business and they understand the challenges we face. Most importantly, they consistently find us great people to meet these challenges and to help us grow.”

    Wendy Shand, Founding Director, Tots to Travel