We recently spent an afternoon as a team identifying the words that are most important to us as a business. These are words that we feel are important not just to us as a team, but to the companies and candidates that we work with.

The RightClick marketing department have brought these words to life with some really cool imagery and each month we are focusing on a particular word, bringing it into our everyday activities (and including it in our email footers and general marketing!).

This month’s word is Partnership:

In any service driven business, partnership is perhaps the critical ingredient for a successful outcome in which all parties are satisfied and can continue working together in the future. Recruitment is a particularly tricky recipe to follow with a triumvirate of stakeholders, all with varying objectives. So why is partnership quite often the one ingredient that is left out of the recruitment recipe?

The mainstream recruitment market in the UK is multi-agency and contingency driven, bourn out of the client’s misconception that having multiple ‘agencies’ working on a vacancy increases the likelihood of finding the right person. This couldn’t be further from the truth, with such an approach incentivising sub-standard practices as agencies focus on trading CV’s at speed to win a game created by the company they are meant to be servicing. To survive in this market, an agency needs to be working on a large number of vacancies in the knowledge they will only ‘fill’ a small percentage, trading high numbers of CV’s and crossing a lot of fingers in the hope some hit the mark.

In my 20 years of experience within recruitment I can categorically say that my best outcomes have always originated from working in partnership with my clients. Partnership necessitates a deep understanding of a client’s business, their long term vision and their shorter term objectives. Partnership means investing time in building this understanding and transferring it into a compelling recruitment campaign which is managed on an exclusive basis. Recruiting on an exclusive basis allows us the time to do things correctly and to find the right person for our client. It also means that we have a smaller number of strong client relationships and can invest time in the hard graft on all the vacancies we work on.

In my view, much of the bad press received by the recruitment industry and its sub-standard practices results directly from the prevailing multi-agency mentality adopted by companies who have never experienced genuine partnership from a recruiter. It is a chicken and egg scenario – the more companies expect recruiters to compete, the more corners will be cut in pursuit of winning the race.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working in partnership, however, is just that. Working in partnership. Working together with your client to achieve their long term objective, helping them build a great company by attracting exceptional people and building great teams is a lot of fun.

Imagine that – recruitment being fun!

Author: Simon Selkirk, Director